EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free – Review


Data recovery is a overcrowded market where users can found helpful utilities to retrieve their lost or deleted documents. Data recovery field has already helped over trillions of people by successfully making users data recovered using helpful techniques and extremely helpful software.

EaseUS is a giant manufacturer of data recovery tools and develop software by keeping customer needs at top. You may remain assured with EaseUS as this free recovery tool will scan the entire storage device and locate all the possible traces of lost, deleted or formatted files and recover them safely. Turnaround time taken to scan entire drive and recover files is impressive as well as files recovered by the software will be exactly in the state it was before deletion.

Recover data in 3 Easy Steps

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free edition works pretty straight forward and offers intuitive interface to let you know exactly how things work. All it takes is, install a tiny setup program on your computer (Be it Mac or Windows, EaseUS offers this utility for both platforms.) and let it scan the problem storage media device such as internal or external hard drive, USB, Flash drive, memory card, solid state drive etc. Depending on the size of the capacity and data recovery limitations, you’ll able to see all your lost, deleted or formatted digital stored documents after completing the scanning procedure.

EaseUS offers easiest possible way to recover almost anything you’ve lost recently or deleted accidentally including hard disk partitions/volumes and Outlook Emails. As soon as you start the program, select the desired file type you want to recover i.e. Audio, Video, Images, Graphics, and Emails. In case you are unsure about the files type you’ve lost, you’d better click on check box stating ‘All File Types’ and click Next to proceed.



If you remember about the location or known the place you’ve seen your documents last time, you’d better navigate through the targeted location using ‘Select a Location to Start Finding your Data’. Alternatively, you can select the entire or hard drive or partition to begin scanning operation. FYI, this tool works best for almost any storage device i.e. from hard disk drive to SD Card Recovery.


This tool have inbuilt capability to enable deep scan if not any deleted files were found in normal scan mode. Completed scan result window will be divided into three parts: Path Name, Files and Preview (Where you can see files that was deleted or lost previously).


Now you are all set and just one click away to finally restore desired files in your preferred location. Click to select the check box against your desired files and click on ‘Recover’ button. That’s it.

The Good

Intuitive interface and extremely easy to use wizard makes the entire operation easier than ever. Data recovery isn’t always guaranteed but EaseUS ensures the maximum possible recovery of lost or deleted files against various critical situations and make your hope alive. Above of all, it’s a free tool and didn’t ask you to pay before actually recovering your data.

The Bad

So far, we didn’t come across any drawbacks of using this tool.

The Verdict

Data recovery is a competitive market and you may find over thousands of recovery tool to choose from. However, Manufacturer likes EaseUS have over decades of experience and master in developing user friendly software that always ensures accurate and maximum possible result. Overall, this tool works pretty good job and deliver results exactly as claims.