Samsung Showcases Flexible Batteries For Wearables

Flexible battery Samsung SDI Tizen Indonesia

Flexible battery Samsung SDI Tizen IndonesiaAs a technology leader in consumer electronics, Samsung is quite invested in wearable technology on top of being invested in smartphones and other consumer tech. The company has already introduced curved batteries that they already used in the Samsung Gear S released earlier in the year. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.

Samsung is actively innovating and huge involvement in research and development keeps the company ahead. Remember when flexible displays was only a concept and people marveling about how this could be rolled out to actual smartphones? Well, that’s in the past, the next move is flexible batteries. This essentially makes the wearable as flexible as it needs to be.

Samsung showcased patented technology of structural design and material technology last week in the home country of South Korea according to Tizen Indonesia. They mention that the flexible battery is still in testing stage and that Samsung could mass produce them for use in wearable devices from 2017, right now they will goon doing rigorous testing to see the viability of the new innovation.

The battery is said to perform quite well even when rolled up like a paper cup meaning the restrictions on wearables becoming more comfortable and light may be coming to an end. If successful, we should see wearable go to the next level with devices capable of blending better with the body shapes especially for wearables such as sorting devices.