Samsung to launch Galaxy Note Edge in Germany but there’s a catch


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Techweez 4P

Remember the Galaxy Round? It was one of those crazy ideas that finally made it to the production floor and the end result was a concave-shaped smartphone that never really made it to any other market besides its home, Korea. The Galaxy Note Edge is another one of such crazy ideas as Samsung engineers continue to fiddle and predict what is likely to be the future of mobile computing and how we consume content on our mobile devices beyond the inevitable technologies like super-fast speeds thanks to 5G that the company has been at the forefront in pushing for its quick breakthrough. The Note Edge won’t be making it to most markets and since there are quite a number of users who were apparently wowed by the device that is a wild chip of the gorgeous and reviewer-favourite Note 4. For those, there’s a chance to have the Note Edge so don’t lose hope just yet. Besides Samsung’s home market of Korea where the Note Edge is already selling and the American market where it is expected to debut later in the year, Germans have a chance to be able to buy the device. There’s a catch though.

Before those interested in buying the Note Edge in Germany can do so, Samsung is doing some checks first and no they aren’t like that broken invite system that OnePlus is using to get the One into the hands of many waiting customers. This involves voting on Samsung Germany’s website and if at least 120,000 people vote in the affirmative then the device will show up in Deutschland from later this month through to the end of the year. The voting process began on 4th November and closes on 10th Novembert. As of the time of writing this, over 65,000 votes had already been submitted in favour of the Note Edge showing up in Germany and with 3 more days to go, 120, 210 votes look like child’s play.

The Galaxy Note Edge features more or less the same specifications as the Galaxy Note 4 which has been well received in every market it has been launched in and its success is expected to be the foundation of future iterations that will take us away from the conventional smartphone display as we know and use it today.


Source: Samsung Germany