Galaxy A5 To Signal End To Production Of Galaxy Alpha

Galaxy A5

Galaxy A5Galaxy Alpha may not be long-lived after-all. This comes after it’s release in Q3 last year was followed slightly later by the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 signaling a new series. Galaxy A will have A3 all the way to A7, probably see Galaxy A5 2015 or some sort of nomenclature to take into the future.

Galaxy Alpha is said to have elicited interest but the pricing of the device was not exactly what consumers expected with the price almost in the range of the Galaxy S5 with lesser specs sheet to back it up. The proposition of the Galaxy Alpha was to get the design-frenzied consumers interested. Basically those that would alternatively buy an iPhone but felt the Galaxy S5 was a bit lacking in the design department.

So it turned out that the Galaxy Alpha was not the best idea for mass market and as soon as the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 were released, Samsung realized they had the killer device that they would take to the long haul.

Galaxy Alpha was to be first of premium design devices by Samsung, the same design language was followed onto the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy A5 thereafter. The build of the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 is still wearing a metal frame but production cost is lower than that of the Galaxy Alpha, hence the price of the Galaxy A5 makes sense to go to mass market with.

ETNews reports that the Galaxy A range is a mid-tier to low-tier market strategy that will see devices in this range sell more from Samsung. For most of the time, design element has been good at the top and gets compromised as you go down. With the Galaxy A, they all have the same beautiful design element that has since come to be loved.

Galaxy A5
Galaxy A5

With a round price of Kshs 40,000 (USD 440) in Kenya (going by the price in China) for go to market, the Galaxy A5 is bound to be a hit in the market when it becomes widely available generally outside of China where it’s already selling. This is expected to be in January and latest February. ETNews reports that according to a Samsung insider, the production of Galaxy Alpha will be done till current inventory is over and focus goes primarily to the Galaxy A series.

There has also been talk of a Galaxy A7 which will sit at the top of the range with Galaxy A5 at the mid and Galaxy A3 at the lower mid. Other devices will still go on, but Samsung has reported that they will be dropping many iterations to remain with profound devices within the segments for this to make sense on the balance sheet when it comes to marketing spend.

Maybe you could tell us in the comments section, does the Galaxy A5 appeal to you, is it that device you want to purchase when its available?