Microsoft Could Venture Further Down With Lumia 435 Spotted In Brazil

Microsoft Lumia

Lumia 435If this comes true then my prediction last week was right, that Microsoft will very soon be dropping development of basic phones outside of Lumia. This will be made possible by getting the price of Windows Phone based Lumia phones to bare minimums and sub $100 prices. Of course Android reached there long time ago and Android One program will propel this further more solidly.

Time for Microsoft to get the entry level users on the one platform they want them on. Windows phone and using Microsoft services. Remember we never got to the next billion Microsoft services users funneled in by Nokia X phones because Satya Nadella thought otherwise. This should be the way to go around it, if what we have here turns out to be real.

janelatech from Brazil reports that they came around some document that indicates a device by the name Lumia 435 could be under certification process by the Brazil regulating authority. Should this be the case, We are bound to see an announcement of a device cheaper than Lumia 530 somewhere in early March at Mobile World Congress.

The specs sheet associated with this device is a 4 inch display with an 800 x 480 pixels resolution, dimensions of 118.1 x 64.7 (no thickness) mm, a Snapdragon 200 and a 5 MP rear camera. It also looks like it will be a Dual-SIM phone by default and does not seem to carry the Microsoft branding. That’s technical though as we do not expect any other device coming from Redmond to carry Nokia branding outside the Series 30 phones in the entry level, especially now that Nokia back in Espoo is expected to launch an Android/Windows OS powered Nokia C1.

If this device is indeed in the channel, we are most probably going to hear more of it and if we don’t then there is still Mobile World Congress to find this out from. Kind reminder, this will be hitting a year since Microsoft released the ill-fated Nokia X.

Via: Ubergizmo, IMG Credit Ubergizmo

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