Here’s how to get 2 GB Google Drive storage for free


No, the engineers at Google aren’t giving everyone something for Valentines, there is a catch. Today (as of the time of writing: Tuesday February 10th) is Safer Internet Day and the folks at Mountain View want everyone who uses the internet to know how to be safe online by taking several steps. Successfully complete these steps and you’ll have a cool 2 GB extra storage added to your Google Drive (on top of your current 25 GB if you are a free user). Cool isn’t it? For a quick comparison, Google Drive’s competitor, Dropbox, gives you just 2 GB cloud storage before you embark on a painstaking process of convincing your friends to accept your referrals so that you can milk 0.5 GB from each of those efforts or you’re cornered to pay for it.

google security check 3

How do you get the 2 GB?

Easy. Take Google’s Security Checkup. In the checkup process, you’ll be taken through your account recovery information e.g. your set mobile phone number, your chosen security question etc. You’ll also be taken through your recent account activity i.e. which devices you’ve used to access your Google account and when that was; you’ll also get to review permissions you’ve granted to various applications e.g. if you’re a chronic FIFA 14 addict then you’re likely to see it in your permissions as you have granted the application access to your Google account through Google Play Games.

How soon do you get your 2 GB?

On the 28th of this month, 2 GB will be automatically added to your Google Drive. You’ll be notified via email as soon as that happens.

Remember you have between today and 17th February to complete the Security Checkup process and qualify for this extra storage.