Google Inbox is coming to Google Apps for Work users


Google Inbox

Do you use Google Apps at work? If so then you may be the target for Google’s continued push to make email less tasking and make you more productive as Inbox, the company’s reorganized email application will soon be working on everyone with a Google Apps account.

Inbox is already five months old and while it exploded in popularity as soon as its invite-only rollout started, it has not yet been available to enterprise users. That changes next month when Google pushes Inbox’s testing to a wider circle targeting a few select organizations that are interested in tested out Inbox in a work environment. You can request to be part of this smaller test group by having your Google Apps for Work admin send an email to the Inbox team. Do note that only the admin can request to join the beta and only from his/her account.

Don’t have a Google Apps account but aren’t yet using Inbox? Unless it’s your choice to keep off Inbox, if it is an invite you’ve not been lucky to get yet then you can still use the tried and tested way of mailing the Inbox team and cross your fingers as you refresh your inbox periodically.

Inbox’s expansion into enterprise follows the move last week to open it up further to the masses by removing the restriction that it could only be accessed on Google’s browser, Chrome and making it possible for Firefox and Safari fans to use Inbox there as well. When do Spartan futurists Internet Explorer users get in? Tablets (Android and iPads) were also added as supported devices since before last week smartphones were the only mobile devices that had supported Inbox apps.