Confirmed: HTC One M7 Won’t Be Receiving Android 5.1 Update


HTC One It’s not always milk and honey, the fun ends at some point. This is what the first HTC One version will learn as HTC lives up to it’s words of 2 year software update supports. And they are not changing their position. Androidguys captured Mo Versi’s Twitter statement about HTC One M7 updates in response to a user.

Kenny Maclean asked Mo Versi whether the HTC One M8 would be receiving Android 5.1 updates and when if this ever happens. His hopes were dampened when Mo responded saying that only the Google Play Edition which come with stock Android would be getting the update. Skinning is bad here folks.

Android 5.0 did not get the uptake scale it was expected to have as it was riddled with bugs, making Google and OEMS delay the updates push. And this means that Android 5.1 is quite necessary as it’s more of bugs fixes.

So unless there is a change at heart for HTC, then users will be left with a last update that leaves a sour taste in their mouths due to the buggy nature of Android 5.0 Lollipop they so heartily took on when it became available. But as HTC One M8 was released a month back two years ago, their obligation really has ended.