Can A Company Change Brand Perception? Zuku Thinks So

My Zuku Fiber Story

My Zuku Fiber StoryZuku, a product by Wananchi group is one of the pioneers in Kenya for the triple play service that ventured into providing three services; internet, TV and telephone via a single fiber connection. The product came right after Zuku had first trialed WIMAX in Nairobi, then upgraded to Fiber based service. The product hit the road and has been quite in demand. The downside of this fast roll-out is the increased customer service problems that this posed.

Of course in the long run this is bad and any marketer will tell you that it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. This is the thinking behind the new campaign that Zuku has dubbed “My Zuku Fiber Story”. The campaign seeks to spark conversation and provide a platform where Zuku customers can freely share their personal or professional testimonials and experiences.

A large part of this campaign involves a node to node activation where Zuku seeks to visit all its subscribers, resolve their issues and create a knowing process where the customer can resolve the most mundane of problems with their service.
Zuku wants to create a one stop shop that allows them to micromanage all aspects of service delivery including Customer Care, technical and marketing.

Zuku’s head of Marketing, Cable Bernice Macharia says the launch of the service is very timely as it allows for the creation of an enhanced experience. “The service allows us to review the client’s product, resolve any problems, put a human face to the technical aspects of the business and offer customer education. What we shall create is value for the client,” she added.

Bernice Macharia-Head of Marketing Cable -ZUKU
Bernice Macharia-Head of Marketing Cable -ZUKU

The service has rolled out to a resounding success with clients appreciating the one stop model. Zuku has been blamed for the breach of service level agreements with regards to the products purchased. Customer service has also been the Achilles’s heel of this large internet company that many users on social media have called them out for. This model allows them to articulate to the customer what they gain from using the product which is exceptional support.

A large part of the campaign will allow them to manage the expectations  of clients based on what the client needs vis a vis what the client has. Products under the triple play model are available in Nairobi and Mombasa with plans to rollout in other major towns within Kenya.

Expansion into Tanzania is slated for the second half of 2015 with Kampala likely to follow soon. On the uptake of the triple play service, Bernice says the demand currently outweighs supply by a large percentage. She says that Zuku Triple Pay is their best product and what you will be surprised to learn is that 28% of revenues come from Buruburu and Umoja areas.

The main focus for Zuku now according to Bernice is ensuring the current clients receive exceptional services and thus serve as brand ambassadors for the product. The coming in of other new players in this product segment, companies like JTL, Liquid Telecom and probably Safaricom are not a threat for Zuku as she says. “Besides being prepared for their onslaught, we are quite far ahead and really, competition is good, it shows there is a big market.”