LG G4 Leaked Images Point To Evolutionary Upgrade For The Flagship Handset

LG G4 Leak

LG G4 Leak LG G4, LG’s 2015 flagship is on it’s way, touted for an April release. This will be the second high end device that LG will be launching this year after the Lg G Flex 2 released in January, and the reviews weren’t bad. Now if what we have come across is anything to go by, LG might have slowed down with revolutionary designs and probably left that for the G Flex 2 for this year. Just like HTC did with the HTC One M9. Not much design changes, beauty on the inside this time round, just evolutionary stuff.

Now XDA forums has seen leaks of live images that claim the device to be an LG G4. No inspiring changes here, just noticeable UI changes, the design generally looks the same. In a world where such slight things mean a lot, LG could be taking a gamble with backlash, the sort that hit Apple for the 5s before they thought about the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 before Samsung thought of the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, looks like there is already E9 to cover for that.

The tech world is unforgiving and as long as there was a company that innovated better than you, your devices seem to be stuck in the future if the new changes aren’t as inspiring as a rival’s. Let’s see in the next few days or weeks what we can gather up before the launch within April and will update you.

What do you think of the LG G4 design?


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