Instagram Launches A Dedicated Music Channel @Music

Instagram Music

@MusicInstagram has launched a dedicated music channel dubbed @Music with the mission of  dedicated to exploring music around the globe. The account will work in tandem with the company blog to profile musicians, instrument makers as well as others in the recording industry. Music is the most photographed topic on Instagram, accounting for about 25 per cent of the app’s most popular accounts with 30.8 million of Instagram’s 300 million users following @Beyonce which may have informed the decision.

Instagram says that the account is not all about the photos but also about interviewing these people who are sharing their moments on Instagram and highlighting what they are doing in a visually creative way. The account will publish six posts a week (Tuesday to Sunday), grouped into series under various hashtags including #LocallySourced for unsigned artists, #DoubleTrack for artists interest outside music and #15SecondLessons for videos on how to perform instruments.

This is not the first time a major social networking platform has attempted to capitalize on the importance of music for their platform. Twitter launched Twitter #Music in 2013 to much hype. The service allowed  Twitter users to search for music their friends are listening to. It integrated Spotify and itunes but failed to take off.  Success of this channel would allow for Instagram to  try it on various topics including @Tech, @Fashion or @Business.