Safaricom To Let Karibu Postpay Customers Exhaust Their Existing Bundles


Safaricom House Safaricom made the decision to revise terms of the Karibu postpay bundle that angered many and elicited strong reactions from customers on social media yesterday. The company had resolved to give customers up to 26th May to exhaust all their accumulated minutes, texts and data failure of which they would be “lost” as the rollover of unused texts, data and voice call minutes would no longer be happening.

The company is going back on that assertion and will now allow all its customers to continue using their accumulated texts, voice call minutes and data until they are exhausted.

However, that does not mean that the new terms have been shelved. They are still in place and will be enforced for any Karibu postpay bundles purchased starting from 1st May (today). That effectively means there will be no more accumulation of resources. So worry not. Your accumulated 200, 500, 2000, 8000 and so on minutes will not go anywhere after 26th May but they won’t be accumulating anymore going forward.