Safaricom To Launch Box Decoder On May 8th, Sets Countdown Timer


Safaricom Box

We’ve known for quite sometime now that Safaricom is entering the television space with its own decoder. Not long ago, we learned that the decoders are already in the country and that a launch was imminent. It looks like that will be happening sooner and as expected, just this month.

The company has put up a counter on its website that is counting down to the launch date: Friday, May 8th.

We expect Safaricom’s decoder, named Box and powered by Android, in addition to being a television set top box that will offer video on demand to also provide internet access to users as it will come with a 4G SIM slot and more services like gaming and use as a wireless hotspot.


This article has been updated as Safaricom has confirmed to us that indeed the Box decoder will be launched this Friday, 8th May.