Windows 10 Insider programme now has 3.9 million members


Windows 10

Microsoft has been allowing users to test drive its upcoming Windows 10 operating system through the Windows Insider programme. While announcing the various editions of Windows 10 on its blog, the company let out an important detail: its Windows Insider programme has grown to 3.9 million! That is steady growth and shows the huge interest users have in the upcoming operating system.

Back at Build 2015, Microsoft had revealed that the number stood at 3.7 million members. The programme hit the 1 million mark back in October. With the Windows 10 official release still a few months away and the programme expected to continue way after the release, that number is expected to continue rising.

Customers will continue to help us create Windows 10 even after this summer’s initial release, thanks to the 3.9 million and growing Windows Insiders who are helping us build and test Windows 10.