Photo Gallery: Safaricom’s The Big Box Overview


Safaricom The Big Box 112 - Techweez

On Friday last week, Safaricom unveiled its home entertainment device, The Big Box. As you will note from the images below, The Big Box comes with a 1 metre long HDMI cable, a remote controller, two AAA batteries for the remote controller, RCA cables and the power adapter right out of the box (see what I did there?).

We did not find a user manual in the packaging of our test unit so you’ll have to rely on the Safaricom website or own knowledge setting up other such equipment for this. In our case, that was pretty easy and it should be for anyone else as well.

There are several ports at the back starting with those for the RCA connectors then others that are of great interest to us like the ethernet port, the microSD card slot and the USB port.

We’ve spent a whole day toying around with it and before we go further, here are a few photos from our brief interaction:


We are still testing The Big Box so you’ll be reading a lot more about it here, stick around.


  1. Thanks for this. We need someone to test the waters for us. If its possibe, try to see what one can do with 50gb of data.

    • hoped that someone would have done that . . . .since no one is doing so . . . .am getting one and test exactly that . . .might be 50gb that kwishas with one week . . . .by next week i will let youn all know if i forget please remind me on [email protected]

  2. For crying out loud, why in the world did they have to put the USB port at the back side???

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