Facebook may allow businesses to contact Whatsapp users


WhatsApp Messenger

Facebook bought Whatsapp for about $19 billion. The messaging application, popular all around the world has so far not focused so much on monetization as its main source of income still remains app sales in the few markets that it is not giving away the service for free year after year. With 800 million users, it is nearing the magical 1 billion figure and Facebook has been exploring ways of making Whatsapp profitable. One of those ways may be letting businesses to contact their clients directly via the app.

According to Bloomberg, Facebook is testing ways of enabling business-to-consumer (B2C) interaction via the messaging application just like it has been testing on its own Messenger platform. Under such an arrangement, businesses will pay for the service hence Facebook netting in some much-needed revenue.

Facebook is said to be exploring quite a number of things for its Messenger platform and the idea of letting businesses reach out directly to customers that is being mulled for Whatsapp is just one of those. The company is said to be considering allowing developers to make games for its Messenger platform.