7 Ways Apps Have Taken Over Our Lifestyles

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Dropbox HackedIn a lot of ways our dependence on our smartphones has made life a lot easier for everyone. Suddenly we don’t have to worry that we’re making mistakes or doing things wrong. Why? Because there are apps for everything that prevent those mistakes from happening. Apps have completely taken over our lives.

Still not convinced? Okay. Here are 7 ways that Apps have totally changed the way we do things.

#1. Grocery Shopping

Thanks to the many grocery shopping apps out there, we no longer have to wonder whether or not we need something when we’re at the store. We can input things like purchase dates, expiration dates, etc so that we’re pinged reminders to “buy milk” when we open the app. Even better, these apps now sync across devices so if you and your roommate are shopping at the same time but in different stores, you don’t have to worry about coming home with two of everything.

#2. Saving Money

Ten years ago: you found a BOGO coupon for your favorite department store in the Sunday paper, clipped it carefully, put it in your purse and then totally forgot it was there once you got to the store later in the week. Today, you download the coupon into the store’s apps and then have the clerk scan your phone when you’re shopping just in case. Ta-da! Savings applied!

#3. Getting Around Town

Raise your hand if you remember having to look at a physical map to figure out how to get to where you wanted to go (or, if you haven’t yet hit retirement age, if you remember having to print out directions from MapQuest or Google Maps). Today, you just open up the map app on your phone, type in where you want to go and viola! A step by step map that shows you how to get there. Google’s Maps app will even pull up nearby transit stops and times. Best of all, these apps will show you the direction in which you are driving or walking so you don’t accidentally go many blocks in the wrong direction before you figure out your mistake.

#4. Getting a Ride

Uber, Lyft, Easy Taxi –they all have apps that you can use to find someone who will pick you up after that concert or when you need a ride to the airport. Some cab companies have apps now too. You don’t ever have to call for a cab again. You just use the app and then watch the timer tick down as the car gets closer to you.

#5. Moving

Having to beg your friends for help moving is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, now you just open up your moving app and hire someone to come help you. It’s true! Pikkup is an on demand moving app, similar to Lyft or Uber. The company hires independent movers (who have all been background checked, don’t worry) to help out on a moment’s notice. You take a picture of what you need to move, tell the app when you want to move it and choose the mover who best suits your needs. Done! Suddenly buying Craigslist furniture has gotten a lot easier.

#6. Getting Healthy

Apps like Fitbit are more than just fancy pedometers. Now these healthy apps tell you how many steps you walked, how many calories you consumed, what kind of sleep you’re getting, etc. This information doesn’t just help you figure out how to lead a healthier life. It comes in handy when you’re at the doctor’s office and they ask you how you’re sleeping, what you’re eating, etc. You have all of the data right there. Speaking of which, working with your doctor, accessing your medical records, etc are all much easier now that many hospitals and clinics have their own apps.

#7. Money Management

Every bank and credit card company has its own app. There are also apps for budgeting. The days of hoping you have enough money in your account to cover a purchase are over. Just check your balance with the app! A lot of banks will now even text you when your account reaches a pre-determined low balance so that you don’t accidentally overspend if you forget to check in. There are also apps like ApplePay that allow you to pay for things without ever having to swipe a card or hand over cash. Neat!

These are just seven ways that apps have changed our lives. We haven’t even talked about the simpler things like keeping in touch with friends (hello social media), consuming media (movies, music, tv–all app based now), and preventing boredom (how many game apps do you have now?)!

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