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India Forces Smartphone Brands to Make Bloatware Removable

India's ICT industry has long been strict with vendors, brands, telcos, and other ICT-related service providers. As the world's second-largest consumer of smartphones, India...

These Apps Kept Me Distracted This Year

2020 was one exhausting d̶e̶c̶a̶d̶e̶ year. There was a lot of things going on. A global pandemic happened. We went into quarantine and time distortion...
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What’s On My Phone: Kiruti Itimu

Welcome to What’s On My Phone, a weekly column where we will be snooping in on people’s smartphones and figure out how they use them, what apps...

Delete These 24 Malware-Ridden Apps If You Have Them Installed

Each new day, Google removes malware-ridden apps on its Play Store. Cybersecurity firm CSIS Security Group recently revealed a new malware called Joker that...

Hackers Are Now Embedding Malicious Code on Apps That Come Pre-installed on New Phones

The Play Store has been a haven for malicious apps for Android and Google is always on the lookout but now hackers are now...
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Millions Downloaded Adware on Google Play That Masqueraded As ‘Apps’

App Stores nowadays boast millions of apps and although we have amazing paid and free apps on them, there are some apps that are...
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The Best Apps for House Hunters Out There

How do you find your perfect home? Thankfully, it’s not like it used to be. There’s an app for everything these days, including finding...
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Paid Apps That I’ve Bought on Android Over The Years

I was always skeptical of buying apps. The free versions were alright save for the ads and in some cases, I got worthy alternatives....

5 Top Apps that Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Technology is moving on faster than ever before, so there are two choices in business: keep up with it or get left behind. But...
Touch screen applications

New Trends To Watch In Touch Screen Applications

Though they’ve been around for decades, touch screens are far from a mature technology. Touch screens across industries continue to expand in presence and...

How to Scan Documents Using Your Smartphone

Our smartphones have become very powerful gadgets, the computing power within them can achieve a lot if put to use in the right way....

Africans Love Data Saving Apps According to These Google Play Store Insights

An analysis by Afridigest has revealed that data is a major concern across African countries, especially Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania. The...

Reasons Why Your Phone’s Performance Deteriorates Over Time

It is not a secret that your phone no longer feels as fast as it used to when you first got your hands on...
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20 Battery Draining, Data Hogging and Perfomance Slowing Android Apps

Android people, our troubles are never ending. I sincerely might switch to iOS soon but as we wait for that to happen, let's get...

Five Rogue Android Apps You Should Totally Avoid

Android users are a disadvantaged lot, as much as it pains me to admit it. Unlike iOS, Android's open source nature has allowed smartphone...
Mobile application

Factors Key to Building A Successful Mobile Application

Key ideas that every app development company should consider. These ideas will likely help app developers build successful mobile apps.
Lite and data saving apps

Data Saving Tips: Tracking Your Data Usage And Using Lite Apps

Data saving tips on how you can use alternative apps to use less data and use data monitoring apps to track your data usage.

Getting Your Meaningful App Noticed

There are countless apps available out there for the two main platforms of mobile technology. They'll do everything from looking up song lyrics to...

ESET Researchers Discovered 13 Apps That Stole Instagram User Credentials

You may have to uninstall these apps and reset your Instagram password if you have them
Battery saving apps

Can Battery-Saving Apps Really Extend Battery Life?

The smartphones of today are so powerful there seems practically nothing these devices can’t do. With some phones, you can monitor your heart rate,...
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5 Important Lessons I’ve Learnt in the Apps Business

The past 11 months have been spent designing, developing and validating our financial application called Shika. Shika is a short term small credit android...
Navigation apps

5 Tech Savvy Gadgets for Family Road Trips

With gas prices cheaper than they’ve been in 11 years, more Americans are loading up their vehicles and taking road trips. In 2015, the...
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Four Up and Coming Apps of 2016

Apps are now an integral part of most people’s everyday lives. Approximately 64 percent of American adults own a smartphone, and these consumers use...

Kim Kardashian’s $1.99 emoji app broke the App Store apparently

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian announced an app via her social media accounts that introduces custom emojis that are based on her life which she named...
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Smartphone Apps Should Be The Next Level Of Personal Interaction For Kenyan Brands

We are living in the "app" age, which has been fueled by the upsurge of smartphones use worldwide. Companies worldwide are outing...
Dropbox Hacked

7 Ways Apps Have Taken Over Our Lifestyles

In a lot of ways our dependence on our smartphones has made life a lot easier for everyone. Suddenly we don’t have to worry...

The Five Things All App Developers Must Do to Ensure Success

Thanks to coding platforms getting more user friendly, creating your own apps is easier than it has ever been. Of course, creation alone does...

Microsoft to Rebrand Bing Apps back to MSN, while Kenya’s MSN Page Goes Missing

In an effort to align Bing services to the “Mobile First, Cloud First” vision, Microsoft will soon re-brand  its cross platform Bing Apps back...

KEeping It Local: Windows Phone News Apps – Kenya And Beyond

As mobile landscape in Kenya transitions from “dumb” feature phones to smartphones, the importance of apps with local content grows every day.  Apps enable...

KEeping It Local: Windows Phone Apps for Kenya

As mobile landscape in Kenya transitions from “dumb” feature phones to smartphones, the need for apps with local content grows every day. Apps enable...

Kenya Shines at the Appstar Challenge Regional Finals

In what could be be a show of might in the mobile applications front, Appstar challenge Kenyan finalists Gerald Kibugi and Gilbert Rono yesterday...

Triple Play: Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Android Apps Get Feature-rich Updates

There’s an app for that is a common sentence you’re obviously used to hearing all day long if you hang around people with smartphones...
Mobile apps enterprise

Why Your Business Should Utilize Mobile Apps

Over the course of the last few years mobile phone apps have not only become globally known, but they have become a way of life...

What do you know about Firefox OS?

Some wind has passed that we are soon going to be seeing the Firefox OS for smartphones and the tablet computers. For those of us...

No more passwords for your Android device

Data is precious and its security is even much more important. Keeping it safe is another impediment and not an interesting task that we like...

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