Getting Your Meaningful App Noticed


There are countless apps available out there for the two main platforms of mobile technology. They’ll do everything from looking up song lyrics to tracking your exercise for the day. Many of these apps do things that save you time, money, and even frustration, but some of them can actually save your life.

For the fun or productive app, it’s pretty easy to become popular and score lots of downloads. When people think an app will be entertaining or profitable for them, they need very little other convincing.

Ironically, the app that improves your health or safety can be a harder sell. As a rule, people think that bad things won’t happen to them. But they would ultimately be much better off to put more emphasis on some of these other apps for safety and health. As is often the case, sometimes we have to lead the horse to water.

For software developers who’ve built an app that can help with things more important than coupons or metric conversions, it’s essential to build a strong marketing campaign with some special considerations.

High Visibility

As we’ve noted, people don’t get nearly as excited about safety or health as they do about fun and money. So an app that focuses on the former just won’t go viral as widely as one that focuses on the latter. Those apps need an extra boost.

Find those key audiences, and go to them. Find sporting events, community fairs, charity gatherings, and any other activity where there will be people who could benefit from your app. Get a custom canopy to house your publicity push. Follow all the usual rules of good marketing, like having a distinctive color and a catchy slogan.

High Impact

Once they notice you, people have to appreciate the value of your app. The most successful apps connect with people through real-life examples. Find a way to share stories about your app. Make it real to them just how much the app can help.

This is where it can help to go multimedia. Thinking beyond the touch screen is essential. Find ways to discuss the app audibly so that you can use the emotion of your voice for emphasis. Consider podcasts, radio, television, and other media to communicate with potential users. That’s how you can convey the potential impact of your app and show that while it may not do anything for its users for years, it could do enough in one day to justify its presence all along.

Smart Linkages

Advertising should have an interconnected nature. It makes sense for personal injury lawyers to advertise on daytime TV because people who are unable to work are usually watching. That’s also why social media gathers demographics on you and tailors ads to what they think you might want to buy. TV is starting to follow suit.

Consider the “Watch Over Me” app that helps people inform others of their location. It’s a great choice for college students preparing for study abroad, or for missionaries planning overseas work. Yet it’s worthless for retirees who basically stay home. You have to target your advertising to be successful.

Anyone who goes beyond the usual fluffy uses and develops an app that really matters for its users is to be applauded. Those uses are what make technology worthwhile. But it’s hard to get the full impact of even the most amazing app if its would-be users never find it. With a smart, targeted campaign, your app can get on the devices of the people who need it most. It will require a slightly different approach, but your users will thank you.

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