5 Top Apps that Every Entrepreneur Should Use


officeTechnology is moving on faster than ever before, so there are two choices in business: keep up with it or get left behind. But fortunately, it’s also a great help to any entrepreneur who wants to make their working lives more efficient and easier to manage, and with these five apps at your disposal, you’ll be able to work smarter and enjoy even more success.


In a world where information is being fed to us constantly and in so many different ways, it can be hard to filter out what’s important and make sure we know where to find it again. That’s where Evernote comes in. It’s a handy app that lets you collect and store all the information that’s most important to you, write “to do” lists and even create links to audio or video files that could be invaluable for your business. Plus, it’s all information that you’ll be able to access wherever you are that has an internet connection.


They say that effective communication is at the heart of a successful organisation and Flowdock is a failsafe way to make sure that everyone is connected. Flows are open spaces where your team can communicate and collaborate in a far freer and more flexible way than simply using email. Within it you can also create groups, filter who receives which particular messages and even summon instant video chats when (virtual) face-to-face is the best way to get in touch.


It’s ironic that spending time on business admin like putting together expense claims is estimated to cost the economy in a country like the UK £4.7 billion a year. So wouldn’t any entrepreneur’s time be better spent engaged in activities that were actually creating income for their business? Expensify can make a great contribution to this by creating a seamless way to scan receipts and automatically generate expense claims. It also means no more having to sort through piles of receipts or filling in forms to reclaim essential business expenses.


If part of your business involves investing in the markets, whether it’s forex trading, commodities or shares then the IG app gives you total control wherever you are. As well as being able to buy and sell on the move you can also set it to give trading alerts whenever a price reaches the amount stipulated by you. It’s also so versatile and simple to use that even newcomers to investing who might normally be asking “what is CFD trading?” will find it exceptionally easy and intuitive to use.


The business card has always been the ideal way to network and exchange details but the problem is that it’s easy to get swamped with them. But with Camcard you can simply build up your personal database of contacts by scanning their card and storing it in the cloud so you can access the information anywhere. You can also add notes to jog your memory, automatically exchange e-cards with other people and it even connects to social media to give alerts when a contact has a promotion or moves to a new position.

Of course, these are just a few of the many hundreds of labour-saving and efficiency-boosting apps that are out there waiting to transform your business life. So just a little time spent searching out some more of the very best ones will surely pay you back many times over in the future.