Kim Kardashian’s $1.99 emoji app broke the App Store apparently



Yesterday, Kim Kardashian announced an app via her social media accounts that introduces custom emojis that are based on her life which she named KIMOJI. The app which is only available in Apple’s App store includes some of the things she is infamously known for like the shiny butt pic, her multiple selfies, her Bentley and other girly stuff like painting nails, lipstick and the rest.

According to the description on the App store, it has over 250 emojis and stickers complete with a virtual QWERTY keyboard that will work with most messaging apps. They also promise to add more packs in the future and since it is a paid app, that seems like a deal.

The $2 app proved to be popular since she started tweeting of how it caused so much traffic on the App Store, it literally (as she would say) broke the app store.

Kanye West supported her by tweeting “I ‘m so proud of my wife! This Kimoji idea is so dope”

This is not Kim’s first foray into the app world. She has another popular app: Kim Kardashian Hollywood which is a game like The Sims where you manipulate avatars that includes Kim’s. The game was such a hit in that it was estimated to make $200 million a year thanks to the in-app purchases.

Kim Kardashian is a smart businesswoman thanks to her capitalizing on her fame and that is why Forbes estimated her earnings in 2014 and 2015 to be $28 million and $52.5 million respectively. We will have to see the impact of her new app to her coffers next year and its overall sentiment from users worldwide soon.