Samsung patents dual-OS laptop-smartphone


Samsung dual-OS hybrid patent

The image above is of a patent filed by Samsung with the US Patents office that depicts what is supposedly a laptop computer that allows a smartphone (phablet) to be docked. Such an arrangement would allow the smartphone to switch to a different operating system when it is docked hence the dual-OS scenario.

There are no details about what such an arrangement would entail but since this is a patent, it doesn’t automatically mean that Samsung would be going straight into production of such though it wouldn’t be the first time the Korean company is toying around with the idea of hybrids. It’s done so unsuccessfully so far and hybrids aren’t popular anyway. It’s most prominent dual-OS hybrid device the Ativ Q was still-born and never made it to the market despite widespread publicity after its announcement in London back in 2013.

Asus has been making the Padfone that has a similar arrangement but at least it is not a laptop computer but a simple tablet that allows an Asus phone to be docked and take advantage of the larger display.