Google Brings Age Rating Filters To Play Store Apps And Content

ogle Play Store Age ratings

ogle Play Store Age ratings The mobile device revolution has it that consumers are barely keeping up with the new things coming and being made available to them every day. That’s not a problem to adults as they would know what works for them and leave the rest. Mostly. The problem really lies with parents.

The TV, video game and movie industry internationally has come through for them on that front with international ratings as follows: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-R among others. Apps on the play store are in need of this as developers cater to the ever-growing appetite for content on the mobile devices. This led to Google promising to classify the content on the play store.

The Google ratings are different from what you are used to and they are as follows:

  • E – content suited for everyone, but containing infrequent use of milf language and minimal cartoon fantasy violence.
  • E10 – is for content with an age limit of 10 years upwards.
  • T – is basically what is otherwise PG-13 with strong language, mild blood, gambling and/crude humour.
  • M – is for 17 year olds upwards with blood, violence, strong language and sexual content in themes.
  • AO – Adults only content with barely no limits (graphic violence, sexual content, nudity and real cash gambling)

The ratings are not available to all and will roll out in regions, US gets dibs on them first while other regions get it in phases. Once set in, parents will rest assured that the content their children have access to is better suited to them. In today’s setting, tablets are used mainly in homes for gaming, this extends to parents phones which change ownership as soon as the parents get home. App containers can help parents sort out the apps that are available to their children even as they install more sensitive apps.