20 hilarious short videos shared on a Reddit thread

Reddit Videos

Two days ago, a Reddit user going by username AptNinja asked “What’s your favorite video that is 10 seconds or less?” and that query generated  over 8,200 comments on the thread! These are some of the hilarious videos that were posted:

1. Haiti Weather forecast

This is not your normal weather broadcast since it has an unexpected twist in the end.

2. Jackie Chan Death Scene

This is the worst death scene you’ll ever see in your life.

3. Name a yellow fruit

I was here wondering if it was a Freudian slip or just a dumb answer.

4. Murder

The guy in charge of editing the Teleprompter content really messed up with this one.

5. Penguin falling down and makes a funny sound

The sound that the penguin made was unexpected.

6.  Italian Prime minister saves the day

Prime Minister or ninja?

7. Hey Ron

The dialogue after the fall was really random.

8. Did I win?

Talk of being focused on the win.

9. Anchor vs Rooster

He took flight, literally.

10.  Giraffe loose!

Epic videobomb (I don’t know if there is such a word).

11. Coldplay turtle

This video is why I love the internet.

12. Missing Stapler

The juxtaposition of the stapling sound and the act makes this video special.

13. Snow in Saudi Arabia

When you experience snow for the first time.

14. Worst bear recreation

I wonder why they passed this idea. Terrible!

15. Stop waving your banana

New study: Animals hate being teased.

16. Poor Ghost

Ghosts nowadays can’t pass through doors?

17. Backfired Prank!

Plot-twist of the century.

18.  A British study on why people are afraid of technology

Finally, a study that is not serious at all.

19. To speak to a customer, please press 1

Customer care hang up!

20. Idiot jumps against a wall

I think later he realized he’s not Spiderman.