Pinterest’s New Search Can Now Identify Verified Accounts


Pinterest has been on a roll this past one month and in its latest update, they are rolling out a new search that will make it easier to find people and also verified accounts on the app. According to the company, many businesses really want to be discovered on the platform and this search is personally geared to make potential customers find these companies’ products. Previously, when you searched on the app or site, the search results for the Pins, Pinners and boards were separated and hidden behind different filters.

Now in the new search, when a user starts typing on the search bar, the search engine will automatically display the Pins, Pinners and boards they may be looking for, thereby massively increasing the discovery potential of not so known companies on the app.

typeahead-US filter-boards-EN

The new search engine also incorporates a spell check because according to the company, 12% of Pinterest searches have an error. To remedy this, the new search will show results for what the user is looking for even if the person didn’t type correctly the query. Also, sadly only in the US, you’ll be able to see the top trending searches when you first tap into the search bar.

Renowned brands and celebrities will be given a new checkmark (a red tick) so that Pinterest users can easily identify them for better engagement. The company however noted that companies cannot request a verified account but they will reach out to them in the future. They also advised companies to make themselves more trustworthy by adding their logo as their profile picture and making sure they have confirmed their websites.

These new features come at a time after they announced they will integrate buyable Pins in the platform in the future, which will usher in Pinterest as a fully fledged e-commerce site. The improved search will make it easier for users to identify products they want from several retailers in the platform and this in turn increases the revenue for both Pinterest and the retailers, a win win situation.