Wimbledon Starts Today and Twitter Wants to be at The Center of It


1321098125_e598938c96_o Twitter seems to have prepared fully for for the popular Wimbledon Tennis tournament. They are planning to be in the center of all the action on Wimbledon by use of hashflags, Vines, Periscope livestreams and Twitter Mirror.

Twitter has started a trend of introducing custom hashflags for special events (World Cup, Ramadan) and now the famous Wimbledon tournament has been given the same Treatment. The company has introduced 4 hashflags that will be used for the tournament:

Vine, another service owned by Twitter will feature vines that feature previous Wimbledon matches. These are shown on Wimbledon’s official Vine account

Periscope will be used to hype the Wimbledon tournament. For those people who don’t know Periscope, it is a company that was bought by Twitter which is focused on user generated livestreams. Roger Federer (A 17 time Grand Slam winner, 7 of those from Wimbledon) on Friday announced he’d use Periscope to hype the tournament:

Twitter will use its Mirror (which is just a tablet on a mirror frame) that enables celebrities to take selfies by of course tapping the screen. Twitter Mirror will be doing rounds where the tennis champs will have an exclusive “photoshoot” with it. Also, it will be used to capture the best of the action of the tennis tournament.

Sports is one of the platforms that generate a lot of interest and Twitter has been trying to become the de facto social media platform for people to use when talking about a certain sporting event. It has even used its other platforms, Vine & Periscope so as to give an all around experience to those people who are not able to watch the Wimbledon tournament first hand. What a time to be alive where social media platforms are competing with traditional media outlets for coverage of sporting events. The question is, will you use Twitter to follow the tennis matches at Wimbledon or you’ll rely on the good old television?