YouTube Map Explorer Makes it Easy to Discover Videos From a Specific Location

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A Redditor developed an app that enables one to view geo-tagged videos that have been uploaded on YouTube. YouTube Map Explorer has an interface that is based on Google Maps where you can drop the pin to a specific location and a pop up window appears where you can view the video uploaded from that specific place. There is a dial at the top right where you can adjust the radius of your range, albeit the maximum radius in kilometers you can set is 30.


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It is actually a tool that you can use in your spare time for fun, but also it can be important to discover new content that is uploaded from specific places. I tried for my home country, Kenya and when I clicked the major towns and cities, I could see uploaded videos from the specific places. The moment you set a smaller radius (1 km) so as to be accurate, there is a tendency to get the “Couldn’t find Video for This Location” error message, which is expected since not many people upload videos on YouTube in Kenya.

You can imagine how useful this app can be for discovering various news snippets being uploaded all over the world with this tool. Although its maximum accuracy right now is a 1km radius, a journalist for example can visit a specific area if he/she finds an interesting story to follow about.

You can be able to make specialized maps like this from the Google Maps Tutorials page and use the YouTube Map Explorer here

Source: Reddit