[VIDEO] Drone Helps Rescue Boys From Drowning In Raging River

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Drones have been all the rage for a while now. Their usage has become part of the norm with the Military using them in warfare, Wildlife services such as the KWS using them to tackle poaching and Internet companies like Amazon using Drones to deliver goods that consumers have purchases.

A video has gone viral, showing authorities from the Auburn Fire Department using drones to rescue two boys stuck in a raging river. The boys were trapped in the middle of the river as they were trying to tube in the high water but the tube overturned. One of the lads had a life jacket while the other did not. The officials set up rescue lines with a haul system, configured in such a way that an inflatable rescue boat would be placed in the water and rescue them. The fire department then used a drone to drop a line to the boys as to deliver the life jacket.

The Video of the same is below:

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