Snapchat’s New Update is Getting Bad Reviews on iOS and Android

Snapchat Techweez

Snapchat TechweezSnapchat recently made an update to its experience when they added a shortcut to the content on the Discover page in a scrollable ribbon format on the Stories page. Initially, you could only access the Discover page by clicking a virtual button on the top right.

If you’ve never used Snapchat before, the Discover page on Snapchat contains content from media partners like MTV, National Geographic, CNN, People and Vice. Other pages on Snapchat include the Stories page which contains the latest updates from your friends and live feeds from selected events that are happening in the world. There is also the Snap page where you take your “snap” and send it to your friends with a caption, which is embedded at the middle. The last page shows you a list of the chats you are currently engaging in and they are threaded.

Now that you have a glimpse of how Snapchat works, you can get a hint of the outrage by some users. In the new update, they have made it easy to get this content from the Discover page on the Stories page which is placed on top of the Live feed. In my opinion, it is actually not bad since it saves me a tap by tapping that purple virtual button on the top right to access the Discover content but according to a report by Business Insider, people are not very happy about the changes. Apparently, the app has been bombarded with over 2000 one star reviews on the App Store which has led its rating to plummet from two-and-a-half to one-and-a-half stars.

Courtesy: Business Insider
Courtesy: Business Insider

On the Google Play Store, the rating  is higher ( 4 stars)  but some Snapchat users are complaining about the new changes and other problems like crashing, high CPU usage and battery drain.

snapchat3Also it seems people on both iOS and Android platforms have noticed Snapchat is putting a lot of emphasis on the Discover page more than fixing some other critical issues:


Courtesy: Business Insider
Courtesy: Business Insider

Well it seems Snapchat’s team has work on its hands to iron out this issues. The previous update where now you can tap to view snaps instead of press & hold was a complete turnaround of its experience, though people generally liked the new changes. Now it seems the new drastic changes on Snapchat are making people uneasy and they should be careful not to lose users thanks to these actions.

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