Safaricom Repackages PostPay Bundles With New Advantage Plus Offering

Bob Collymore Safaricom

Advantage Plus A while back, Safaricom introduced a post pay package called Karibu Postpay bundle. Through Karibu Tariff, subscribers would for Kshs. 1,000  receive 900 minutes talk time for on-net calls, 100 minutes for off-net calls, 100 megabytes of data and 100 on-net SMS. It also had the Kshs. 2,500 package offering subscribers 2,200 minutes for Safaricom-to-Safaricom calls, 300 minutes to rival networks, 250 megabytes of data and 250 on-net text messages. Safaricom also introduced an expiry cap of 30 days for the offering besides limitation on usage of minutes to on-net. In addition, the data offering was low forcing subscribers to spend on buying mobile internet data.

Safaricom has now repackaged the product, with the launch of a new bundle called the Advantage Plus offering new rates, with improved data offering and removal of limitations allowing users to use their resources across networks. The new bundle presents a different pricing point ranging from between Kshs. 2,999 for the entry level and Kshs. 9,999. The package also allows subscribers to sign up for the service using their phones, without needing to go into a retail outlet. One will just dial *100# from their PrePay lines or *200# from their PostPay lines to subscribe to the Advantage Plus. The plan will be available on a 30-day basis with no roll over of unused resources.

Safaricom plans to retain the Karibu Postpay package for the existing clients,  with those who wish to migrate doing so voluntarily. Those who migrate will have their existing resources migrated to Advantage Plus, based on the existing expiry periods. The package is of course a big boon for subscribers, who Safaricom estimate will number 700,000 by December 2015. Below are the proposed pricing points for the new post pay bundle offering.

Monthly Fee and Resources Advantage Plus Superior – Kshs.2,999 Advantage Plus Premium – Kshs. 4,999 Advantage Plus VIP- Kshs. 9,999
Local Minutes- All Networks 1,500 3,000 9,000
Local SMS- All Networks 1,500 3,000 9,000
Data 3 GB 6 GB 18 GB


  1. lSeems the bundle is intended for those who have a lot to forfeit, i started off with ksh 2000 unliminet, well 789 minutes were lost and 3 gb data remained unused, moved to ksh 250 a week unliminet, too little it could only last 4 days, moved to ksh 500 weekly unliminet, was too much lost some minutes and MBs on data, finally decided to go for ksh 1000 unliminet, seems to fit the bill, minimal loses and inaisha with about a day remaining, ohhh airtel staff told me if you top up the same bundle you were on before it expires it will roll over, i guess 1000 is enough coz of the free 250 i get from topping up via airtel money.

    For safaricom that entry package offer me a package half of that in everything, ksh 1500 for 750 minutes 750 sms and 1.5 GB data am on board, i could not exhaust airtel unliminet for 2000 elfu tatu impossible. I love safaricom but they love my money more than me, so you know why am only reciving calls and MPESA on safaricom line.

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