Microsoft Expected to Unveil New Lumia 550, 750 and 850 Smartphones Alongside Flagships


It’s way over a year since the world saw a new Lumia flagship smartphone. Since the acquisition of Nokia’s device-making arm by Microsoft, focus has been on budget Windows Phone devices with interest in the high end segment seemingly taking a back seat. Microsoft has promised that it will be releasing at least two new flagship Lumia devices by the end of the year. Most have taken that to mean at least not long after Windows 10 Mobile is official. Probably they could be the devices used to showcase Windows 1o Mobile to the world.

While we wait for that to happen, there is an interesting leak courtesy of WMPowerUser. Microsoft is allegedly also prepping several other smartphones to cater for the low end and the mid-range segments of the market.

Lumia 550-750-850

The Lumia 550 is expected to be the successor of the current Lumia 540 while the Lumia 750 and 850 are upgrades to the current Lumia 730 and 830 respectively. While Microsoft had already bumped up the 5 and 6 series with the Lumia 540 and the Lumia 640 and 640 XL, the 7 and 8 series have been left hanging as focus shifted to the lowly priced ranges.

While this was unexpected (Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promised that there won’t be too many Lumia devices being released anyway. Looks like that meant odd balls like the 635, 638, 636, 920 T, 532 as WMPU puts it), it lends further credence to what we’ve been hearing recently: that Microsoft’s two new flagship Lumias will be the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL.

Will we really get to see the above-named devices? We also don’t know but it’ll be interesting to watch this unfold.


Source: WMPU