Samsung’s Newest Monitors Can Also Charge Your Phone


Samsung SE370 monitors wireless chargingSamsung’s latest addition to its expansive television portfolio is the SE370. Besides implementations like the Plane-to-Line-Switching (PLS) panel that allows users to get wider viewing angles, it is made with today’s user in mind. In a smart connected world as ours is today, usage of other devices and particularly mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, is very common when doing other activities like viewing content on a monitor. As a result, the SE370 takes care of these devices by allowing users to charge them without needing anything else. No cables. Just a compatible smartphone.

The SE370 monitors have support for the Qi wireless charging standard and as a result, any device that is compatible should be able to start charging as soon as it is placed on the charging area. This means that those devices that only support the PMA wireless charging standard are locked out. Devices like the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge support both PMA and Qi so those with such are very well sorted already.

Galaxy S6 Edge Qi charging

Charging your phone from your monitor set is not a foreign concept. It is something most people with modern day monitors are able to do by taking advantage of the various ports on the unit. What makes Samsung’s SE370 unique is that it does away with these ports in favour of wireless charging.

The SE370 monitors are fully compatible with the upcoming Windows 10 operating system and will be available in 23.6 and 27 inch size at a yet to be disclosed price.


Photos: Samsung


  1. Though that feature seems like a gimic, I think it is pretty useful especially if you don’t want to go look for an adapter or USB cable to charge your phone.

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