OneDrive Users Can Finally Sync Shared Folders on their Accounts


Microsoft OneDriveOneDrive is great, after all Microsoft has been giving users a whopping 1 terabyte (with an unlimited option being available soon to everyone with an Office 365 account) worth of storage space to store everything from birthday photos to important documents you’re collaborating with your team at the office. But despite all this, it has lacked in some things. Like this most requested feature:  the ability to have a folder somebody shared with you show up in your account.

That is changing as Microsoft is currently rolling out the ability to sync all shared folders to your account hence making collaboration a lot more easier. When browsing through a shared folder on the web or on the mobile application, OneDrive users will be seeing an “Add to my OneDrive” button that will allow them to instantly add a shared folder to their account and further be able to access across all their devices signed in to that particular account. Changes made to items/files in the folder are also synced across all the OneDrive accounts it is shared with.

This is not something groundbreaking, it is simply Microsoft doing what everyone else (Dropbox and Google Drive) have been doing so well for a well but should come as a relief to most OneDrive user. Now, how about we get our placeholders in Windows 10 just like we had in Windows 8.1?

OneDrive users are not yet out of the woods though since the feature is only available when you have been granted editing rights by the sharer. If it’s a folder where you have read-only rights then you’ll need to go to OneDrive web to access it.

The feature is currently rolling out to users and may not be immediately available to everyone. It is available to everyone using a computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Those on Windows 8.1 will need to upgrade to Windows 10 in order to access the feature. Mac OS X is also supported. Once you have the feature on your account then you should be able to sync the shared folders to your mobile devices as well.