Hackers Using Popular iOS APP Clones To Steal User Data


iOS 8Another day, another information security story.  Increasing, the internet is coming under threat with information security threats ranging from hackers to bugs and even human error. Increasingly, the world is becoming more connected with the advent of the internet of things, which seeks to create an environment of seamless connectivity between all user gadgets. This has led to the emergence of new threats with cases of motor vehicles being hacked remotely. Devices ranging from mobile devices to tablets run on software, which is also prone to the information security threats and risks.

NBC is now reporting that a vulnerability in Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is giving hackers a field day by allowing them to install malicious software disguised as popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Then proceed to steal user’s personal information given during the sign-up process. The installation and subsequent stealing of the user data takes place once a user clicks on links sent to them via email, text or advertisements on websites.

The fake applications are clones of the legitimate applications and once installed steal the user data and send it to a remote server.  Other applications largely abused by the hackers include WeChat, Google Chrome, Viber, Blackberry Messenger, Skype and Telegram according to NBC. The hack can be replicated on any mobile operating system in particular Android, which has a well documented history of malware apps. Blackberry, which has been able to find a workaround thus allowing users to install android applications, offers the Blackberry Guardian solution aimed at protecting users from malicious applications.  The hack has been prominent on iOS version 8.1.3 and was leaked during a hack on Italian cyber-security firm The Hacking Team that led to leaking of 400GB worth of data.

Source: NBC Tech