Samsung Working on New Smartphone Lineup, Galaxy O Series




We’ve seen Samsung introduce a whole new range of smartphones targeted at different market segments and regions over the last one year. These have included the Galaxy A, E and J lineups that feature devices like the newly unveiled almost bezel-less Galaxy A8 and the front-facing LED-totting Galaxy J5 and J7 as well as the darling of the entry level segment, the Galaxy J1. Never forget the experimental Tizen-powered Zs. Samsung is keen to expand its existing smartphone lineup with an entirely new series called the Galaxy O.

According to Sammobile, the first two Galaxy O devices, likely to be the Galaxy O7 and the Galaxy O5, will be devices with model numbers SM G600 and SM G550 respectively. While details on what exactly the new Galaxy O smartphones will be bringing to the table that is fresh from what Samsung already caters for in its very many other smartphone models, the Galaxy O7 (SM-G600) is expected, in keeping with Samsung tradition, to be the better specced one of the two.

The Galaxy O will join a rather long lineup of existing Samsung smartphone products besides the Galaxy A, E and J: the premium Galaxy S range and the Galaxy Note lineup both of which just got a refresh.

Since this is the first time we are hearing of the Galaxy O series’ existence, we are likely to hear more about them going forward and probably even get to see them at IFA in Berlin in a few days. Could these be those mid-range options that Samsung was referring to during its Q2 2015 earnings call? We can’t wait to find out.