WhatsApp Web Finally Comes to the iPhone



In January, WhatsApp finally came to the desktop. WhatsApp users could now send and receive chats on their browsers. There was a small catch though at that time, you could only join in the fun if you were an Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone user. iPhone users were not able to do so.

That is now changing. According to a hawk-eyed Reddit user based in the UK who was able to spot the changes on the WhatsApp website, a newer version of WhatsApp allows iPhone users to finally be able to use WhatsApp on the web. Of course as long as there is a data connection on the phone is on.


We are not sure at this point if this works on specific browsers like WhatsApp did with the rollout on the other three platforms where it was only possible to access WhatsApp on the web from Chrome before later expanding to Opera and Firefox. However, if you have an iPhone, why not give it a try? As per the instructions on the WhatsApp website, the WhatsApp web option should show up in the settings tab when it is live (since not everyone is reporting having it at the moment).