WhatsApp for Android Has Been Updated With The Middle Finger Emoji


whatsapp middle finger emoji

Whatsapp has been constantly updating its popular chat app with new features lately, first on Android then later on iOS  & for Android specifically, they were posting the updated versions here.  They have released a new update on the Play Store that encompasses what we saw from version 2.12.194 and now have added new features that include the middle finger emoji.

As you can see from the photo above, they have added the middle finger emoji, which will make some chats “colourful” I should say.  In addition, they have added different skin tones on various emojis that have an arrow at the bottom right as a gesture to recognize the various races we have all over the world. Other changes include:

1. A Spock emoji (Spock was a character from Star Trek who popularized the unique hand gesture called the Vulcan salute) which is complete with the various skin tone variants.

2. LGBT friendly emojis where they hold hands.

3. You can now quickly message or save a contact you have received on Whatsapp if they are on Whatsapp.

4. Support for additional languages.

For people who were not able to sideload the previous update, there are options to monitor your data for voice calls, marking conversations as either read/unread, custom notifications for your chats where you set specific ringtones or light effects, choosing your prefered pop up notification and finally choosing for how long you will  mute a certain chat.

A point to note is that in the previous update, there was support for Google Drive backups but in this update, the feature has been removed, which means the company is not yet ready to roll out the feature to all users. However, I’m hoping they will incorporate that feature in a later update.