Whatsapp for iOS has been updated with 10 new features


New Whatsapp update (ver 2.12.5)1 Whatsapp has updated their iOS app with nine new features which now makes it at par with its Android counterpart that was updated two weeks ago.

The new updates in this version 2.12.5 are:

1. Videos can now be added on your chat backups. To activate this, go to Settings >Chat & calls > chat backup

2. Setting up custom notifications or mute status for chats

3. Marking chats as either read or unread by swiping them to the right

4. Low data mode that can be activated by going to Settings > Chat & Calls

5. Sharing contacts & maps from the phone contacts and Apple maps respectively

6. Better support for WhatsApp calls (VoIP)

7. Messages with location data now feature bigger map thumbnails

8. Older messages now load automatically as you scroll

9. Improved design in the cropping functionality.

10. Disabled “Show preview” in the settings so as to provide a more secure & private chatting experience.

Some of these features like the custom notifications, mute status and marking chats as either read or unread are the same as what the Android app was updated to earlier. The Facebook owned app with over 800 million monthly active users has updated both the Android & iOS apps with a rather impressive number of new features as it sets to solidify its position as one of the top chatting platforms.

One question that remains unanswered is when WhatsApp will announce a proper desktop app as opposed to the current web based one? That question will only be answered later, as the battle to hold on to active users and gain others intensifies in the modern mobile chatting platforms landscape.