There’s a Chrome Extension to Rid You of All Mentions of Donald Trump on the Web


Just like there is an app for everything these days, there’s also almost always a Chrome extension for anything. More so if that thing is American businessman and Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump who is loved and hated in equal measure online. Now there’s a Chrome extension that will limit your chances of encountering the Donald’s name every time you are reading news on your browser.

‘Your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving’ is the Chrome browser extension that will replace any instance of the words “Donald Trump” on web pages to, you guessed it right, “your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving’.


Donald Trump being a controversial figure has had it rough with the internet as he’s always the subject of hilarious memes and of course, a very fierce and loyal fan base as well that always rushes to his side every time he posts or says something controversial which is, well, all the time. Online publication the Huffington Post even decided not to include him in its political coverage preferring instead to place any news items about him in its entertainment pages.

‘Your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving’ is available on the Chrome Web Store just in case the Donald’s name brings you memories of your bad hair days.


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