This social network pays you for your content but Facebook considers it as spam



You may dismiss Tsū as just another social network trying to become the next big thing but it is legitimately interesting. It is a social network that pays you for your post but first of all, it has a bit of discontent with Facebook over a certain issue.

Apparently, Facebook has been flagging links from Tsū. To verify this, I signed up for the network, tried to connect my Facebook  account with it and sure enough, i received a warning pop message.

Facebook blocking Tsu links

So why is Facebook doing this? Apparently Tsu received an email from Facebook where they were informed that “Your app is rewarding people monetarily for sharing and engaging with content”. Also a spokesperson from Facebook said that they don’t allow incentivize content sharing on their platform because it encourages spammy sharing.

The argument could make sense in that Facebook may want to prevent people’s Newsfeeds from being spammed by links that are to be used for commercial purposes. Tsū doesn’t like that and they said that Facebook’s worry is because of their business model where “content owners have complete ownership”

Tsū’s business model is rather interesting. They only take 10% of the advertising revenue they generate and pay up the other 90% with its users. This is unlike others where they serve ads alongside the free user generated content. Facebook however has a similar model with creators who use their Instant Articles platform where Facebook lets publishers keep 30% of the revenue if they place it or 100% if the publisher places the ad. YouTube too has a similar policy where content creators are paid.

We’ve not seen other major social networks having problems with Tsū and this clash between them has made me discover the platform and to be acquainted with it more.

Source: WIRED