Telegram Counters WhatsApp’s Group Size Limits in new update


Telegram messenger

Messaging apps initially were based on the need for individuals to chat with each other and over time it necessitated the need for people to talk in groups. That is why any chat app out there has groups where a certain number of people can join or be added if they have a common interest.

The size of these groups are however limited. For WhatsApp, you can only have a maximum of 100 members with few administrators. In the case for Telegram, you could have a maximum of 200 members and everyone has control over the group. This has been changed as of now, you can have a group with 1000 members, but there is a condition.

telegram supergroups

200 members for a group is rather large and if the number of members hit the limit, you can “supersize” that to what is called a supergroup  which supports upto 1000 members. The members will be able to see the entire chat history, can be able to delete their messages and the deleted messages will disappear for all members.

There were other updates to the entire Telegram ecosystem too:

  • Telegram now has admins and this is an interesting move since groups are democratic in nature. If you are a member of a Telegram group, you know it is possible to change the name of the group or its photo or add members to the group. The addition of administrators will make sense for the large groups of 1000 members where you decide to make certain people as admins.

telegram iOS and share on Android

  • For iOS users, you will be able to get in-app notifications where you will be able to view and reply to a chat. For Android users, you can share content from a Telegram channel by tapping on an arrow button shown on the right of the message.