Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Receives Android Marshmallow Earlier than Expected


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Remember that leaked document that apparently outlined Samsung’s Android Marshmallow update roadmap? Well, while Samsung, as expected, denied any knowledge of such a document and that it would release in due course its plans for the millions of devices out there waiting for the Marshmallow update, it’s the only thing we can refer to. In it, the Galaxy Note 4 was slated to receive the Android 6.0 update not earlier than February 2016. However, a user of the device in Hungary has reportedly received the update at least 2 months before the expected time.

The Marshmallow update, which brings with it new features like Doze mode, which hibernates all idle apps to conserve power and Google Now on Tap which takes Google’s contextual assistant to a whole new level, is reported to be smooth and without any major noticeable bugs.


There is a high chance that the update was pushed by mistake since there are no further reports of other users either in Hungary or elsewhere also getting the said update (firmware build N910FXXU1DOL3X). This is also similar to a recent case where a Galaxy Note 5 user in the United States (T-Mobile) received the Android 6.0 update ahead of schedule.

Whichever the case, this is further proof that Samsung is closer to delivering Android 6.0 soon to its premium devices. Rival LG has already started seeding the Marshmallow update to it 2015 flagship smartphone, the G4. Samsung’s usual slow rollout of Android updates has previously been blamed on the amount of time it takes to customize Android before eventual testing and deployment, a process that is time-consuming much to the annoyance of a rather impatient user base. Google has been reported to start lending a hand to make TouchWiz, Samsung’s Android custom overlay, lighter and more functional starting next year.



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