What if Google and Facebook had a sneaker line? A designer came up with renders


tech companies sneaker render

When a company is being formed, one of the most important phases is coming up with the company logo. It is what people recognize and  almost instantly associate the company behind it. Tech companies just like regular companies have their own unique logos that feature unique colours and letters from specific font styles. The last time a major tech company had a major upgrade on their logo was Google and they explained the whole process on Google Design which ended up them changing the classic plain ‘G’ icon with a more colourful one.

We have established logos are pretty serious stuff in the corporate world but one designer by the name Andrea Salamino had an interesting idea. What if major brands (including ones from the tech industry) had their own line of sneakers? He decided to gather his editing tools and posted his creations on his Instagram account.

The Facebook sneaker incorporates the colour scheme the social networking giant is known for around the world: Blue and white.

This is my favourite. He was inspired by Google’s new logo and I wouldn’t mind to purchase one of these if Google made them.

Classic Apple colours: Silver and white. No gold here sorry and if Apple made them, they would be at various price points (Read $649, $749 and $849)

Other notable mentions, albeit not technically in the tech industry but cool nonetheless are: The McDonald’s Sneaker: I’m Lovin’ It!

If CocaCola made this, it would have been made from a secret material only known by few people