Is Huawei A Real Global Contender in the Smartphone Market?

Huawei global contender

Some doubt that Huawei can be a real global contender in the smartphone market, but currently Huawei Technologies Co. is probably the fastest-growing vendor in the world compared to the other major companies. According to analysts, Huawei is an incredible challenge for the industry giants due to boosting its drive upmarket.

Huawei is officially the third-biggest smartphone supplier in the world in terms of volume according to statistics and has had a massive 63% jump in the third quarter of 2015. The biggest sales were its high end devices which are very popular among various types of users. They are most popular among online casino players that use Huawei’s HD devices to play awesome NetEnt slots at casinos online for real money or to play social casino games for free. This review of Gday Casino will show you NetEnt’s most popular mobile slots.

Huawei global contender

Speaking in short term there is hardly a solid contender to Huawei for the third spot after Apple and Samsung, which in itself is an impressive market growth. It’s still far from reaching Apple and Samsung, but it stands far away from the other market contenders with a share worth of more than $7 billion, which according to Canalys is only one fifth of Samsung’s and Apple’s share.

Still, those numbers alone make Huawei a real global contender. It’s now cemented in the top three thanks to its strong relations with telecom carriers abroad and at home, and because of its branding shift to higher-margin premium models.

Compared to 2014, Huawei has grown almost 100% in Europe (98% to be exact) and 81% in China. A third of the mid to high end smartphone models shipments in the world can be attributed to Huawei, which is a jump from 25% compared to 2014.

But, in order to be a really true global contender, Huawei still has to conquer the market in the United States, where Samsung and Apple are virtually untouchable. Conquering just China and Europe doesn’t get the job done.

Huawei’s market penetration in the USA is still low largely due to the U.S. Congressional report where Huawei’s products were labeled as national security risk. According to the report China could use Huawei’s devices as an equipment for spying, which is total nonsense. Remember, Apple’s devices are produced in China too. Until Huawei succeeds in penetrating the US market, the company will refuse to disclose how many devices it has sold in the USA.