P9 May Herald Return of the Physical Home Button to Huawei Smartphones


Huawei is set to unveil the successor to the gorgeous P8 by March. While details of the device are still hazy at the moment, a leaked sketch of the device hints at a radical change in design. The P9, if the sketch is anything to go by, will look like the product of a fun-filled night out by Apple’s iPhone 6S and Samsung’s Galaxy S6.


The rounded corners and a physical home button will be the most pronounced changes to the device’s looks. As can be seen above, a dual-camera setup is also being touted.

Huawei smartphones have for long relied on on-screen and capacitive buttons for navigation. The former is present on almost all Huawei smartphones while some devices (mostly budget) employ the latter.

The physical home button’s inclusion is likely due to the P9 having a fingerprint scanner since they are all the rage right now in devices of its calibre. Huawei’s flagship devices like the Mate lineup have only had the fingerprint sensor embedded at the back of the device instead of the front as is the case on rival Apple and Samsung’s devices. Its premium P smartphones have so far not had fingerprint sensors built into them. That will likely change with the imminent arrival of the P9.

Since this is just a wild leak that has not been confirmed and doesn’t come from traditional rumour mill sources, it may as well turn out to be a hoax so take it as it is.


Via: PhoneArena