Mimicker, an Alarm Clock with a Difference, is the Latest Android Application from Microsoft


To some people, waking up can be such a struggle. Some end up hitting the snooze button all the time instead of just getting out bed. As a result, there have been several creative approaches to designing alarm clock apps. There is a wide variety of decent alarm clock apps on the Play Store that take different approaches. From having you solve some mind-boggling puzzles and maths sums to requiring you to take a selfie. All that to just make sure you wake up on time. And now there’s even a more ridiculous approach thanks to Microsoft’s Garage project.


Mimicker, a new alarm clock application from the Microsoft Garage team, uses a funny three-pronged approach to get you out of bed. There are three modes, Express Yourself, Color Capture and Tongue Twister which kick in when you snooze an alarm.

In “Express Yourself,” your task is to take a selfie that best matches the emotion the game chooses. In “Color Capture,” you take a picture of an object that best matches the color presented by the game. And in “Tongue Twister,” you repeat a phrase that requires some brain power to enunciate.

Mimicker uses Microsoft’s Project Oxford APIs and is available on the Play Store for free. Note that by using Microsoft’s machine learning APIs, the application records all your interactions and sends back in order to improve the project.