S Health, Gear Manager and Other Samsung Applications to Become Available on the iPhone


iPhone 6

Samsung applications will soon be available on iOS, Apple’s mobile platform. A report by Samsung-centric news site Sammobile states that by the end of the year, Samsung will release most of its applications to users of Apple devices as well.

Gear Manager, an application that allows users to manage their Samsung Gear smartwatches and other wearables and S Health, a health and fitness monitoring application on Samsung’s smartphones and wearable devices, will lead the pack. This is a clear indication that Samsung is on the verge of opening up its wearable devices to compatibility with Apple devices.

Samsung wearable devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers and Bluetooth headsets have only been compatible with Samsung’s high-end smartphones. Even access to its in-house developed applications has been restricted to its devices as well. That has changed recently with the arrival of the company’s latest smartwatch, the Gear S2. The Gear S2, is compatible with any eligible device running Android. The same is happening with apps since Samsung has opened up access to apps like S Health to all Android devices. The Apple iPhone and the iPad are next in line.

Just like Apple has done by releasing an Android application to manage its Beats Pill speakers on the Google Play Store, Samsung will also be releasing its apps on Apple’s mobile platform to support its devices. Apps to let users remotely control its latest gigantic Galaxy View tablet and access family content on iOS are said to be in the works. As are apps that will allow iPhone and iPad users to control their Samsung Level speakers and headsets as well as cameras.