Facebook’s Sports Stadium had a major test and it failed to deliver



Two weeks ago, Facebook launched Sports Stadium, an all inclusive platform where users will be able to keep up with the various sports matches that are happening live. Facebook was targeting to engage the over 650 million fans on its platform and make it rival Twitter, which thanks to its real time nature is able to cover this without a fuss.

Sports Stadium was supposed to be quite comprehensive where it allowed you to comment on posts about what your friends are watching, getting detailed stats, commentary from experts and obtaining live scores. The feature was limited only to American Football and naturally, the Super Bowl was a good platform to test it. Well, according to a report by Adweek, the new feature didn’t work as planned.

Apparently Facebook’s Sports Stadium had hiccups and a spokesperson from the company issued a statement to the publication:

“Due to overwhelming traffic and activity, people visiting Facebook Sports Stadium during the Super Bowl may have experienced a delay with the scores and play-by-play information available in the Matchup and Stats tabs, or a problem with posting in the Friends tab. Content in the Experts tab was unaffected. We are actively working to correct the issue.”

This is one of those products that require a constant stream of information without lag and due to the hiccups, it angered quite a lot of people who went ahead to post their frustrations on Twitter. However, we know that Sports Stadium is still in its early stages and the company will iron out the issues.