Report suggests Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages will be launched next week



We are in the age of fast loading pages. The days of waiting for pages to load is so in the PC era where it was determined by the website’s optimization and internet speed. Facebook initiated the era of instantaneous loading articles which they rightfully named Instant Articles and they are awesome. Now, Google saw the opportunity and the benefit of these articles and decided to come up with their own platform which they named Accelerated Mobile Pages.

While Facebook’s Instant Articles are proprietary and maintained by Facebook itself, Google’s AMP is open source and involves other players like Twitter and WordPress. Initially, they had 30 publishers who had committed to the platform and by October, this number ballooned to 1600 publishers.

Instant Articles had the opportunity to launch first and the company has gradually rolled it out to more people around the world and to publishers in the US and Asia. In the case of AMP, Google had announced that the AMP pages will be available early this year and if we take a report by Adage to be true, this will be quite soon.

According to the report, the Google’s AMP will be launched next week on the 24th according to sources who are familiar with the project. This comes at a time when Facebook announced that Instant Articles was opened to all Publishers. This means in the next few months, we will all be accustomed to fast loading pages on Facebook and on Google Search, signaling a new era of consuming content online.