Telegram Messenger inflates supergroups limit to 5000 members

Telegram messenger supergroups

Telegram messenger supergroups

Groups in chat networks are one of the many reasons why people use this networks due to the inherent social nature of humans. Telegram is one of those popular chatting platforms and of course they enable their users to form groups.

On Telegram, normal groups usually accommodate upto 200 people, which is a lot by any measure. However, back in November last year, they pushed an update where you could send a request to have the group expanded to a larger size if the 200 member limit was reached. Those new groups were named supergroups and it made sense since its limit was now 1000 members.

It seems like Telegram is not done with Supergroups and crazy as it seemed the 1000 limit was back then, they have amped it more where they announced that supergroups can now have 5000 members. 1000 members was a huge number to begin with but Telegram’s move to inflate the figure to 5000 members is crazier than before when you consider chat groups. This could work in special cases like a group chat for a club in University or any other huge institution.

That is not all about supergroups in this new update:

  • Supergroup admins have the ability to pin information that they think it is important so that the members won’t missed it. Every member will receive the information  even if they had muted the group.
  • Telegram also introduced tools available to admins so that they can moderate content on the groups. This include functions like deleting the post, banning the user or reporting the user as spam.
  • Supergroups can now be made public where a link can take you directly to the group chat timeline. This however will be rolled out gradually due to spam activity in the past.